rdbg issues for i 386 and remdeb_srv.c corrupted in patch (remotedeb_2 error)

Bill Butler billb at tnex.com
Mon May 13 20:47:41 UTC 2002


We are trying to get network debugging working for the i386 code using
GDB and would appreciate any pointers that the community might have. 

We have gotten this far and were unable to get much further.

1) Modified the netdemo code that we have working fully on a 486 pc.
2) rebuilt rtems with --enable-rdbg 
3) Added the rtems_rdbg_initialize()to init.c
4) tried to use i386-rtems-gdb (rpms version) for Linux
5) gdb> target remote <IP>:2071 (port # from the rdbg.c )

never connects.

The only error we see on the application side is a
nfs_boot: add net route, error=114. 

Which is new since we added the remote debugging. I have not yet had a
chance to track that down yet..

Any pointer on what I'm doing wrong?


When we added rtems_rdbg_initialize() we got a 

> rtems/c/gen68360/librdbg/src/m68k/any/../../../../../../../../
> rtems-ss-20020205/c/src/librdbg/src/m68k/any/../../rdbg.c:73: 
> undefined reference to `remotedeb_2'

Looking at some old email and doing some digging it seems like one of
the patches that was applied deleted the contents (0 size) of
rdbg/src/i386/any/remdeb_srv.c in the past 2 snapshots srcs. This is
also the case in /m68k and in /PowerPC. I checked both the 20020301
snapshot and the February and both have the error. Till, might have sent
in the patch corrections but I did not see anywhere that mentioned that
the files were corrupted.

To correct this we copied the file from the rtems-4.5.0 release and
modified the lines that were described in the patch.  I have included
the referencing email from some last month.


Bill Butler
AIPCom Inc
972-644-2328 x16
bbill at tnex.com

> Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 12:29:46 +0100 
> From: "Thomas Doerfler" <Thomas.Doerfler at imd-systems.de> 
> Subject: GDB remote debug for M68K broken in ss-20020205?
> Hi,

> I wanted to use the remote debug functionality with an M68K 
> target (MC68360) based on the snapshot ss-20020205 but it 
> doesn't link.

> When I try to link an application that calls 

>      rtems_rdbg_initialize();

> I get the following error message during link:

> /usr/local/src/rtems/rtems-ss-
> 20020205/tools/build_gen68360/m68k-
> rtems/c/gen68360/librdbg/src/m68k/any/../../../../../../../../
> rtems-ss-20020205/c/src/librdbg/src/m68k/any/../../rdbg.c:73: 
> undefined reference to `remotedeb_2'

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