Anyone have a known good hello-world ELF or binary file?

Steven Grunza steven_grunza at
Tue May 14 13:32:22 UTC 2002

I'm trying to figure out if my boot loader is borken or if my rtems 
executable is borken.  If someone has a known good ELF or binary file for 
running the hello-world demo on the Motorola MPC8260ADS revision PILOT 
board, I would appreciate being sent a copy of it.

I'm not sure if my bootloader is doing something wrong with the tftp boot 
or if I'm running the command wrong or if I'm building the executable wrong 
of if my snapshot has bugs in it or ......

A known-good ELF or binary image would eliminate some of the potential 
problems.  ELF is preferred since I can generate an assembly instruction 
listing from it and try to figure out what is supposed to be happening....

Thanks again.....

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