svme-171 hello world program

Shanmugavel Ponnusamy sponnu1 at
Sat May 18 15:42:34 UTC 2002

  have anybody tried to run hello world program on DY4 svme-171 using
rtems 4.5.0? i am using DY4 dmv-177 bsp since it is very similar to
svme-171 except a few additional peripherals in dmv-177. when i ran it
for first time, it gave instruction access exception, which i resolved
by disabling instruction and data access translation. now, the execution
stops at chain_append_unprotected inline function during initialization
of extensions manager in rtems_executive_initialize_early function. when
i tried to add static fatal_error_occured extension, the execution
stopped at chain_append_unprotected function of user_extensions_handler
function in rtems_initialize_executive_early(). i am using Printf() of
DY4 firmware to debug. I tried increasing the stack size and workspace
size but, it is of no use. can you please suggest me on what i should do
and/or what i am doing wrong? Thanks for putting up with this newbie

thanking you,
Shanmugavel Ponnusamy

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