pc386 BSP - is it still supported?

Robin Iddon robin at iddon.no-ip.com
Sat May 18 21:02:40 UTC 2002


I have tried to use the pc386 BSP with limited success.

I started off with the 4.5.0 release, and I could build the BSP and boot it with GRUB onto my target.

However, the "unlimited.exe" test appears to fail with hundreds of "thread exceptions" being reported to the console.  I tried to add in some "getc(stdin)" to the code to allow me to work out which of the three tests was causing the failure, but they caused it to hang (presumably stdin isn't the PC keyboard).

The hello test does work, so it is something a little more subtle than it just not working.

Anyway, I noticed that the whole 4.5.0 release is no quite old, so I downloaded the latest snapshot.  Unfortunately that doesn't build for the pc386 BSP.

I am using the recommended compiler chain running under Linux.

Can anyone offer me some advice on what to look for?

Thanks in advance,

Robin Iddon

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