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Sachin K sachin at
Tue May 21 07:48:39 UTC 2002

thanx Ralph and Paul,

i'm able to install rtems. i have built a pc686 BSP. i tried compiling one of 
the example programs, after running Makefile i got "" in my 
"/opt/rtems/pc686/BootImgs" directory. (and also 
"hello.bin  hello.exe  hello.num  hello.obj  test.o" in o-optimize 
......... now i don't know how to download this binary image file and run it ?

i would appriciate if any of you can explain this process  and 
also.. it would be more helpful if you explain me the life cycle on the 
target. ( i mean initialisation routine ... loading drivers,...etc)


Sachin K

Dexcel Electronics Designs (P) Ltd., Bangalore, India

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