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There is also a pc686/tests directory that will contain "hello.exe".

You can copy this onto a DOS floppy that has GRUB on it and the boot it from
GRUB.  Making a GRUB floppy is a bit complex if you don't happen to have
GRUB installed on your development host.  I have put a grub image up at:

cp grub.img.gz /tmp
cd /tmp
gunzip grub.img.gz
dd if=grub.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=512

This will nuke the floppy in fd0 (drive A:) and overwrite it with a bootable
grub image.  You then copy your code into the root of the floppy (e.g. mcopy
hello.exe a:).


Use winzip to unpack the file to c:\temp, then run rawwritewin.exe to open
the image and write it out to the floppy drive.

Either way you then copy the hello.exe file to the root of the floppy and
select it off the menu you get at bootup.  You can edit /boot/grub/menu.lst
to add other items to the boot menu, and you can copy the item I already put
there as an example.


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> thanx Ralph and Paul,
> i'm able to install rtems. i have built a pc686 BSP. i tried compiling one
> the example programs, after running Makefile i got "" in my
> "/opt/rtems/pc686/BootImgs" directory. (and also
> "hello.bin  hello.exe  hello.num  hello.obj  test.o" in
> directory)
> ......... now i don't know how to download this binary image file and run
it ?
> i would appriciate if any of you can explain this process  and
> also.. it would be more helpful if you explain me the life cycle on the
> target. ( i mean initialisation routine ... loading drivers,...etc)
> TIA,
> Sachin K
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> Dexcel Electronics Designs (P) Ltd., Bangalore, India

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