Problems with user-extension

Jan Suchotzki jsuchotzki at
Tue May 21 14:35:24 UTC 2002


I would like to register a task_create_extension at the system 
wide, statical extension-table.

I defined the following:

rtems_extension TaskCreate (
  rtems_tcb *current_task,
  rtems_tcb *new_task
) {

rtems_extensions_table Extensions = {
  TaskCreate,                      /* task create user extension */

I got the following error from the compiler:

 initialization to `boolean (*)(Thread_Control *, Thread_Control 
*)' from `rtems_extension (*)(rtems_tcb *, rtems_tcb *)'

I found at userext.h that the task_create_extension has another 
definition compared to all other extensions. But how to fix the 

With kind regards...

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