Final Year Project

Salman unix at
Wed May 29 09:15:37 UTC 2002

Hello everybody,

I've chosen my final year (next year) project, with the following title:

"Open Source Real-Time OS (RTEMS) on SCI based Computer Clusters"

I think the title says it all.

Firstly, I sent this because I couldn't register the project on the
registration page.
Secondly, to hear if you have any comments on the project which I've chosen.
I should be able to finish it in 6 months or so, but so far don't have a
clear picture of the challenges I'm about to face !
Thirdly, I still haven't figured out the difference between RTEMS release &
RTEMS snapshots, and somehow can't access the ftp of RTEMS snapshots.



PS I'm doing 3rd year Computer & Electronic Engineering in Trinity College,

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