Final Year Project

Chris Caudle chris at
Wed May 29 14:43:08 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 29 May 2002 04:15 am, Salman wrote:
> "Open Source Real-Time OS (RTEMS) on SCI based Computer Clusters"
> I think the title says it all.

What hardware (processor and system) will you be using?
What SCI hardware will you be using?  Dolphin? Custom?

> Secondly, to hear if you have any comments on the project which I've
> chosen.

Try to keep  the design somewhat generic.  SCI was one of the technologies 
with a big influence on both RapidIO and Infiniband.  Infiniband will mostly 
be deployed in clusters of general purpose machines, but RapidIO will be big 
in telecom hardware, which could see some intereste in RTEMS.

> Thirdly, I still haven't figured out the difference between RTEMS release
> & RTEMS snapshots, and somehow can't access the ftp of RTEMS snapshots.

Snapshots have bug fixes and new features compared to the release, but may 
not be as stable.

Chris Caudle

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