BSP Questions

Jim Robinson jrobinson at
Fri May 31 18:52:14 UTC 2002

First off I would like to thank the list for my first questions.
Here is round 2 ;-)
What I have been tasked here at work to do is get my SBS vg4 board
running with a minimal BSP.( i.e. enough to run hello world with a gdb
window.) I have Rtems 4.5.1-pre3 tools and the latest rtems-ss.
My question is, where should I start? I read the BSP and Device driver
manua, and it is a help, but not really helpful for starting. I am spilt

on using the mcp750 BSP or the ppcn_60x. Any suggestion?
I have attached a copy of the block layout of the board if it helps
(sorry about the size I tried to keep is small)..

My board is as follows:
   PowerPC 755 @ 400Mhz
   256 MByte SDRAM @100Mhz
   64 MByte Extended Flash Rom
   512K Boot Flash Rom
   MPC107 (north bridge) -smbus,pcibus,memory controller
   ALI1543 (south bridge) - mouse, kbd, com1, com2, lpt, floppy, isa bus

   Intel 21143 (ethernet)
   LSI 53c875 (scsi)
   Zilog z85230 (COM & COM4)
   Zilog z08536 (timer)
   RTC chip with sram
   Tundra 91C142 (universe IIB)
   PMon2000 boot monitor.

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