Installation of rtems

Steven Grunza steven_grunza at
Thu May 2 13:52:54 UTC 2002

I'm a newbie at RTEMS myself but found the started.pdf document on 
to be most useful.  The title of the document is "Getting Started with 
RTEMS for C/C++ Users"

At 01:35 PM 5/2/2002 +0530, Sachin K wrote:
>i'm a newbie... please excuse if the questions are absurd.
>can anyone please tell me how to install RTEMS on RedHat Linux 7.2.
>i have downloaded c_tools directory fron OARcorps ftp website. i am 
>confused with the packages.
>also, does rtems supports flex and bison tools?
>how can i develop application for powerPC on my x86 linux machine..? how 
>to go about it??
>it would be even more helpful if i'm given some documents explaining the 
>above mentioned doubts.
>Sachin K
>Dexcel Electronics Designs (P) Ltd., Bangalore, India

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