help please with rdbg example program

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in short, you seem to have the wrong debugger. AFAIK the rdbg 
version have RTEMS in capital letters like "i386-RTEMS-gdb". 

I will send you a working copy of the program as personal mail, if 
you like you can try it out.

BTW: are there any versions of rdbg-ready gdbs available at OAR?


> We have been trying to get a simple network program with rdbg running
> on a PC without any luck.
> So far we have corrected the librdbg code in rtems-ss-20020301 so the
> .h and .c files in librdbg/src/i386/any seem to be properly created
> and compile.  librdbg links to the application without error.
> We have been able to successfully build and run the netdemo sample
> without rdbg.
> We have modified the code in netdemo (init.c) to call
> rtems_rdbg_initialize() then enterRdbg() immediatly after the call to
> rtems_bsdnet_initialize_network().  BTW - rtems_rdbg_initialize() does
> not seem to be 'extern'ed in rdbg.h or anywhere else I have been able
> to find.  When the code loads and executes, it displays the network
> startup messages then 'RDBG.1'.  At the end of the network messages,
> there is a message indicating an error with the nfs (114, I believe)
> that was not present before adding the rdbg code.
> Using i386-rtems-gdb 5.0 on Linux (downloaded from RTEMS site) we are
> unable to connect to the target with:
> (gdb)target remote <ip>:2071
> The docs for gdb 4.17 indicates the remote protocol has to be set to
> Sun rpc.  That option however, does not seem to be available in the
> current version of gdb.
> So the questions:
> 1) Are any additional or changes to the #define's necessary before
> #including <condefs.h> over what is already present in the netdemo
> init.c file?
> 2) Are any additions necessary to the Makefile?
> 3) What commands are necessary in gdb?
> 4) What else am I missing?
> The source, Makefile, etc. to a know working example program which
> uses rdbg would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks for putting up with yet another newbie question.
> -Bill Knight
> R O SoftWare

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