help please with rdbg example program

Bill Knight BillK at
Fri May 17 13:56:29 UTC 2002

We have been trying to get a simple network program with rdbg running
on a PC without any luck.

So far we have corrected the librdbg code in rtems-ss-20020301 so the
.h and .c files in librdbg/src/i386/any seem to be properly created
and compile.  librdbg links to the application without error.

We have been able to successfully build and run the netdemo sample
without rdbg.

We have modified the code in netdemo (init.c) to call
rtems_rdbg_initialize() then enterRdbg() immediatly after the call to
rtems_bsdnet_initialize_network().  BTW - rtems_rdbg_initialize() does
not seem to be 'extern'ed in rdbg.h or anywhere else I have been able
to find.  When the code loads and executes, it displays the network
startup messages then 'RDBG.1'.  At the end of the network messages,
there is a message indicating an error with the nfs (114, I believe)
that was not present before adding the rdbg code.

Using i386-rtems-gdb 5.0 on Linux (downloaded from RTEMS site) we are
unable to connect to the target with:
(gdb)target remote <ip>:2071

The docs for gdb 4.17 indicates the remote protocol has to be set to
Sun rpc.  That option however, does not seem to be available in the
current version of gdb.

So the questions:
1) Are any additional or changes to the #define's necessary before
#including <condefs.h> over what is already present in the netdemo
init.c file?
2) Are any additions necessary to the Makefile?
3) What commands are necessary in gdb?
4) What else am I missing?

The source, Makefile, etc. to a know working example program which
uses rdbg would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for putting up with yet another newbie question.

-Bill Knight
R O SoftWare

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