pc386 BSP - is it still supported?

Robin Iddon robin at iddon.no-ip.com
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Thanks for the answer - when you say the "latest linux build tools" do you mean the native compiler under Linux, and if so, which version of that compiler?  Did you rebuild them specially and call them i386-rtems-xxx or do you just use /usr/bin/gcc?  I find that with the latter approach I end up selecting all the wrong header files all the time (e.g. termios.h).

Also I don't see a BSP called pc386dx - is this really just the pc386 BSP with some CPU= flags set to select the 386dx?

Will try out the getch() thing too!


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  I am using that bsp (actually the pc386dx which is identical except that it does not use the math co-processor). I am using the lastest snapshots with the latest linux build tools. Give it a go and see how that works. I used getch (insetad of getc(STDIN) )from the PC keyboard a while ago and it worked for me.


  char c;
  c = (char) getch();

  See how that goes for you.

  Robin Iddon wrote:


    I have tried to use the pc386 BSP with limited success.

    I started off with the 4.5.0 release, and I could build the BSP and boot it with GRUB onto my target.

    However, the "unlimited.exe" test appears to fail with hundreds of "thread exceptions" being reported to the console.  I tried to add in some "getc(stdin)" to the code to allow me to work out which of the three tests was causing the failure, but they caused it to hang (presumably stdin isn't the PC keyboard).

    The hello test does work, so it is something a little more subtle than it just not working.

    Anyway, I noticed that the whole 4.5.0 release is no quite old, so I downloaded the latest snapshot.  Unfortunately that doesn't build for the pc386 BSP.

    I am using the recommended compiler chain running under Linux.

    Can anyone offer me some advice on what to look for?

    Thanks in advance,

    Robin Iddon

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