development environment.

Glen M Cornell cornell at
Mon May 20 15:11:21 UTC 2002

There is no equivalent to the Tornado toolset.  Tornado is a tcl-based 
GUI front end to the compiler, debugger, configuration tool and other 
third-party tools.  It allows the user to see a common GUI front-end t 
all of the development tools.  Granted, there are many IDE tools with 
 features more or less compatable with Wind River's product line as was 
already mentioned, but there is neither a GUI-based configurator to 
RTEMS nor a unified front-end tool.  I might point out that even though 
Wind River encourages developers to use the GUI configurator, I know of 
no experienced VxWorks developer that uses it.  Instead, they typically 
modify the config.h file directly.

The VxWorks bsp directory contains the header files and c files that are 
needed to link a kernel with the user's application.  The usrConfig.c 
file contains the routine rootTask() which is the first task created at 
start up and eventually invokes your application code.  usrConfig.c 
#include's config.h which contains a bunch of macros which define what 
features of the OS you want.  For example, if the developer wants the os 
to be build with the fictitious frobulate protocol server, then the 
config.h file would contain something like the following:


The config.h file inlcudes a file called configAll.h, which contains 
system defaults, such as:


The usrConfig.c code would contain something like the following:

void rootTask(){



A gui config tool would be slick, but with questionable value, IMHO. 
 Perhaps someone with better understanding than I could explain the 
startup sequence and configuration of RTEMS.  With that information, a 
gui tool could be whipped up.

> Sachin K wrote:
>> hi,
>> i would like to know, if there is any development environment 
>> available for RTEMS on Linux (just like tornado for VxWorks).
>> TIA,
>> Sachin K
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>> Dexcel Electronics Designs (P) Ltd., Bangalore, India

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