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Chris Johns cjohns at
Mon May 20 23:16:07 UTC 2002

Glen M Cornell wrote:
> A gui config tool would be slick, but with questionable value, IMHO.
>  Perhaps someone with better understanding than I could explain the
> startup sequence and configuration of RTEMS.  With that information, a
> gui tool could be whipped up.

A GUI tool is questionable only to those who know the config system and
what is available to configure. On the other hand a GUI tool is valuable
to users who do not.

If a GUI tool helps new users and brings people to RTEMS then the effort
may be worth it. For me other more valuable items need to be worked on.
If someone wishes to work on this please let me know.

If the RTEMS BSPs can be made to have the configuration table in a
common file then a GUI tool could be made for RTEMS. The config is held
in confdefs.h. A change to the configuration file does mean a rebuild of
the BSP. Ideally you would only like to have to build the file with the
configuration table. vxWork's IDE also handles the kernel rebuild.

I should also point out the vxWorks GUI contains a frontend to the
target monitoring system so you can see what is going on. IMO this is
nice and worth the effort.

 Chris Johns, cjohns at

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