Possible problem with malloc_free_space using ss-20021007?

Bob Wisdom bobwis at ascweb.co.uk
Fri Nov 1 07:33:46 UTC 2002

Its a shame I can't type in red to show my embarrassment!
My poor use of the format string combined with my ageing eyesight turned the
"l" into a "1" and that is indeed how I got the wrong result. The numbers
are looking much more real now with the correct format string.....
Thank you very much for your attention to detail (Daniel), and apologies to
all (especially Joel) for any time wasted on this one.
Kind regards to all.
Bob Wisdom (UK)

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> "Bob Wisdom" <bobwis=2FQen6wEnzTQXOPxS62xeg at public.gmane.org> writes:
> > Further to my last post on stack check reporting possibly going wrong I
> > another one to add:-
> > printf("malloc free space = %xl\n",(unsigned long)malloc_free_space());
> > seems to give unreal numbers..
> Note that the correct format string is actually "%lx". But I suppose
> sizeof(int) == sizeof(long) == sizeof(size_t) here, so it should not
> matter...
> Regards,
>    --Daniel

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