new snapshot (ss-20021118), etc

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Nov 18 18:02:59 UTC 2002

Hi all,

Since we are trying to get ready to create a release branch,
we are trying to close problems fast.  In that light, this
is the 2nd snapshot of the month.  A number of minor problems
were fixed and a couple of new BSPs were added.  The Cogent
ARM/EDP7312 and Motorola MTX603e are now supported.  Please
check this out and see if it works for you.  Problem reports 
and fixes appreciated.  If nothing bad shows up, this will
be close to the branching point.

Also available are new gcc3.2/newlib1.10.0 RPMs which 
address some problems reported by folks.  Included are
a m68k/coldfire multilib fix, a C++ library locale.tcc problem,
some signal.h improvements, and fixed hppa1.1 linking.

binutils 2.13.1 was released a couple of weeks ago and 
those RPMs are available as well.

Finally there were some problems with the Makefiles in the
example programs so there is a new set of examples.  The 
two C++ examples appear to have obsolete C++ in them.  If
someone C++ knowledgeable could look into those, it would
be appreciated.

Items described are in both /pub/rtems/cd-working and 

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