mixing RTEMS Task and POSIX Thread

Dieter Schaefer Dieter.B.Schaefer at t-online.de
Thu Nov 28 21:31:53 UTC 2002

Hello all,
I'm trying to port some programs (more or less posix conform) to RTEMS. 
(RTEMS SS-20021007 ported to a PowerPC based board)
Because I need Telnet for remote access as well, I have a mixture of RTEMS tasks 
and Posix threads.
Does anybody have experience with that? What are potential pitfalls and how to avoid 
them? Any information is welcome.

Another problem I've found is related to the monitor (.../libmisc/monitor)
When I asked to list the tasks, it crashed. (asking for itask was ok)
After stepping thru the code with the debugger, I've modified a statement in the source 
of mon-manager.c
_Objects_Copy_name_raw(object->name, &copy->name, sizeof(copy->name));
_Objects_Copy_name_raw(&object->name, &copy->name, sizeof(copy->name));

After this modification the task command worked and the RTEMS task were listed. But 
no Posix threads. Question: how can I get the Posix threads listed?

Any hints are welcome.

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