Dynamic Libraries

Paul Whitfield paulw at microsol.iinet.net.au
Fri Nov 8 02:53:49 UTC 2002

Till Straumann wrote:
> Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>> Is it possible to create dynamic libraries for use within RTEMS, 
>> similar to the way Windows uses DLLs?
> What exactly do you mean by dynamic libraries?
> Note that there is no point in having shared libraries in RTEMS.
> These objects make sense only when processes with different
> address spaces want to share code. RTEMS, since it is a hard RTOS
> must not use virtual memory - it has a flat memory address space
> shared among all threads in the system.
> When you load a simple old-fashioned "static" library into an
> RTEMS system it "automatically" becomes shared.

Actually there IS a point to having shared libraries if you
do not want to link all your applications together.

I.e. if you want to keep your application and libraries
separate so you can update or load them separately.

we have implemented a very basic shared library system. This
allows us to upgrade the system in a modular fashion and / or
change the functionality of the product by simply adding or removing 
more modules.

However, our implementation is very specific to our product so I don't
think it would be generally useful.

Best regards


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