Dynamic Libraries

Till Straumann strauman at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Fri Nov 8 03:18:05 UTC 2002

Angelo Fraietta wrote:
> What I mean is that a user can develop compiled modules and download 
> them into the flash filesystem. When RTEMS loads, looks in the flash 
> disk and loads any modules. This allows me to add modules at run-time 
> instead of compile time. The modules would be quite specific. It 
> ultimately means that the firmware can grow with the user -- i.e. they 
> can design and add modules to their hardware product without having to 
> rebuild the whole target.

Yeah - you can do that with esh, I suppose or with Cexp.

-- Till

> Till Straumann wrote:
>> Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>> Is it possible to create dynamic libraries for use within RTEMS, 
>>> similar to the way Windows uses DLLs?
>> What exactly do you mean by dynamic libraries?
>> Note that there is no point in having shared libraries in RTEMS.
>> These objects make sense only when processes with different
>> address spaces want to share code. RTEMS, since it is a hard RTOS
>> must not use virtual memory - it has a flat memory address space
>> shared among all threads in the system.
>> When you load a simple old-fashioned "static" library into an
>> RTEMS system it "automatically" becomes shared.
>> HTH
>> -- Till

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