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Camilo Alejandro Arboleda CamiloAlejo at
Wed Nov 13 15:07:52 UTC 2002

In my previous job we used RTEMS for fare collection systems (POS, 
access control gates). They are now installed in the public transpor 
system in Bogota (Colombia). There is no specific information on the web 
about the software or hardware used, but you can get an idea about the 

Camilo A. Arboleda

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>>    I'm not experienced in RTEMS, but a google search on the topic also resulted in vain. But it seems that you are not the only one having this doubt. See,
>> . Joel Sherill has posted the same question to the list, and no
>>response to that too.. But there's no reason that I should believe a 3+ years old RTOS has no commercial users. Let's wait for the feedback from others.
>That's not true at all.  There are lots of systems unfortunately, people
>don't always step forward every time someone asks this question.  I have
>a web page with a list of the systems people tell me about, are willing
>to let it out publicly that they are using RTEMS, and have some info on
>the web.  I am not the best at keeping this up to date as I have not
>updated it to reflect the Philips critical care patient monitor or 
>the Australian FedSat program.  There are also a number of networking
>products that use RTEMS but don't want to discuss it.  RTEMS seems to
>have become popular in the satellite community.
>This is the short list of applications that have told me they want
>to be on the list (
>and have published enough info to be interesting.  You can also
>tell from published papers
>which includes a number of systems which we wouldn't know about
>For example, the Sherlock project which used RTEMS to build a 
>secure router. 
>Honestly, even I often only know that a company is using RTEMS but
>don't know what they are doing.  For example, Canon Research in France
>been an active submitter and support customer but I have no idea what
>they are doing with RTEMS.  I see interesting domains on the list
>and encourage them to submit but don't know what they are doing.
>This is the downside to open source.  
>The most commonly used CPUs (in no particular order) are PowerPC, 
>i386, m68k/Coldfire, MIPS, ARM and SPARC.  For BSPs, people use
>the PC, commercial Motorola boards, and what I call "generic" BSPs
>targeting a CPU with peripherals.
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>>     Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 3:20 AM
>>     Subject: RTEMS : Development areas
>>     Hi All,
>>        I wish to know about the application areas in which RTEMS based development is in progress. Can I get information on the most commonly used target
>>     processors, BSPs etc. Is there any software solution/product based on RTEMS?
>>     Expecting loads of information.
>>     Thanks in Advance,
>>     Reigs

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