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Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Honestly, even I often only know that a company is using RTEMS but
> don't know what they are doing.  For example, Canon Research in France
> has
> been an active submitter and support customer but I have no idea what
> they are doing with RTEMS. 

The use of RTEMS at Canon CRF was motivated by different factors :
	1) In 95, Canob CRF was only doing long term research and many projects 
where developping both hardware and software. Each project was using 
custom hardware design, various CPU and various OS, duplicating cost, 
time requested to build prototypes and risks, so as software deveopment 
expert I decided to select a set of reference processors (PPC, Ix86 
compatible like NS geode, ARM), board (MCP750, MPC860, NS geode 
evaluation platform) and OS (Rtems, ChorusOs, linux) that projects could 
use depending on project specificities,
	2) I deeply believe in open source merits for project that have time in 
front of them like in Canon CRF,
	3) Being tight to a vendor for an OS is a very delicate situation if it 
colapse (e.g ChorusOS, VRTX, and so many less famous),

Then some research projects now indeed have chosen rtems RTOS. Now 
concerning products using RTEMS made by CRF, you will have to wait until:
	1) A real product comes out of CRF :-). I have pushed hard enough over 
the past three years, developping various product specifications, full 
prototypes, but japanese are too slow to take decisions and I am not 
really patient and political :-)
	2) Rtems is well suited for this kind of product

There are reasons for not choosing rtems for consumer devices :
	1) Lack of USB support,
	2) Very primitive support of IDE disks and storage devices in general. 
Things are coming but slowly,
	3) Lack of power management support,

I thinks RTEMS is ideally suited for deeply embedded devices and 
networked devices with no direct user interaction. The heart of the OS 
is rock solid...

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