MPC555 BSP, Where to start?

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Wed Nov 13 16:12:47 UTC 2002

ahuitzot at wrote:
> I am working with an MPC555 based board (a Phytec phyCORE MPC555 to be exact)
> and I am thinking about the possibility of running RTEMS on it.  I was
> wondering where a good place to start would be if I were to write a BSP for
> the MPC555 (assuming there isnt already one I am not aware of...) and for the
> phyCORE board in particular.

There is some 505 support in libcpu submitted a long time ago and
based upon the 40x support.  Unless someone dumps more code in your
lap, I would recommend taking one of the 8xx CPUs/BSPs and turning it
into 555 support.  That gives you a model for splitting code
between libcpu and the BSP specific issues.

> At the moment the project only calls for a simple loop and some ISR's to do
> the work, but I think eventually we will grow into using an RTOS (possibly 3
> months or so from now, maybe sooner), and RTEMS I think would be my choice (I
> have used it non professionally on a 68332 based SBC) so I want to figure out
> what my options are now, rather then at the last minute :)
> Thanks,
> Mike

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