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Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Thu Nov 14 18:35:04 UTC 2002

On Thursday 14 November 2002 10:05 am, shanehelms at eircom.net wrote:
> couple of questions:
> 1. is there any concept of kernel and user mode in rtems or is it all in
> kernel mode?

Flat memory model.  An application on RTEMS is a single process, which may 
contain multiple threads (that is, all the threads have access to all the 
memory), and no memory protection or virtual memory is used.

> 2. im lost with the concept of region and partition, how can
> i read/write/copy to memory (ie something like memcpy function in linux)

I think the C library in RTEMS contains a memcpy function.
I had to uninstall my RTEMS tools temporarily to make some space, so I can't 
check myself right now.  Anyone else know for sure?

> 3. how can i write/read register value of a pci device ?

You find out where the device registers are mapped, and just write and read 
to those locations using pointer indirection.  On a PC386 BSP, there are 
some functions which call the PCI bios on the machine to let you find the 
base address of the card.

Chris Caudle

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