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Thu Nov 21 14:00:49 UTC 2002

> Sorry if I interpret you incorrectly. You said mere gcc-3.2.targ.gz. And the error messages also indicate the same. You have to apply the RTEMS patch. Or you
> have to export the cross compiler path to the PATH environment variable. The other tools also should be patched. It says arm-rtems-gcc not found.. not gcc. 
> Refer the fileTOOLVERSIONS in the same ftp directory as the source archive.  Then compile them for the target processor(arm). 

> Or you may use the patched
> tools available at

Dead on the money until here.  Always try to use the tool versions and
patches that go with a particular RTEMS version.  In particular, 
gcc and newlib are co-dependent with RTEMS since they must agree 
on header files, cpp predefines, threading support, etc.  

It is possible that a particular gcc/newlib version will work with
a range of RTEMS versions but it is better to stick with the recommended
versions.  For example after 4.5, a large .h file reorg was performed
which resulted in the 4.5.0 tools not being useable with snapshots
at a certain point.  More recently, we merged some BSD-isms into 
newlib to clean up some more and even more recently, the signal.h
file changed in newlib and RTEMS has to stay in sync with that.
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