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Sorry if I interpret you incorrectly. You said mere gcc-3.2.targ.gz. And the error messages also indicate the same. You have to apply the RTEMS patch. Or you have to export the cross compiler path to the PATH environment variable. The other tools also should be patched. It says arm-rtems-gcc not found.. not gcc.  Refer the fileTOOLVERSIONS in the same ftp directory as the source archive.  Then compile them for the target processor(arm). Or you may use the patched tools available at

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  hi all.
      I am using snapshot "rtems-ss-20021111".
      My configure options are below.
      ../rtems-ss-20021111/configure --target=arm-rtems 
      --enable-posix --disable-itron --enable-networking 
      --disable-cxx --enable--rtemsbsp=arm_bare_bsp 
      and the result are :
      ... ( omit )
      checking for
      configure:error:no acceptable cc found in $PATH
      configure:error:/bin/sh '../../../../rtems-ss-20021111/c/make/configure' failed for c/make
      sed:can't read confdefs.h: No such file or directory
      I've installed gcc-3.2.tar.gz 
      and there is confdefs.h in the directory where I run my configure.
      why compiler can't find the confdefs.h ?

      Please help me !
      Thank you in advance.

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