Ada and RTEMS?

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Tue Nov 26 05:55:54 UTC 2002

Am Mon, 2002-11-25 um 19.37 schrieb Mike Silva:
> I'm looking for a low- or no-cost Ada implementation for x86 hardware
> (personal exploration now, possible commercial use w/support at work
> later), and it's been suggested to me that GNAT+RTEMS is the way to
> go.  I followed the GNAT/RTEMS link on the OAR website but didn't see
> anything at all there about GNAT. 
Well, all I can say about it:
* i386-rtems-gcc-3.2-gnat compiles under Linux, but requires to you have
a native gcc-3.2-gnat installed.
* RTEMS's gnat wrappers have been merged into RTEMS in recent snapshots.
* RTEMS's gnat testsuite has been merged into RTEMS, but is still
problematic (It hardly compiles and probably has never been run on
actual HW, yet, AFAICT).

>  I'm looking for the least painful way to get an Ada cross-compiler
> (Windows host if possible)
Windows is a problem of its own - If any at all, then Cygwin has a
chance to work, but AFAIK, at present time, nobody has ever tried to
build i386-rtems-gcc-gnat for Windows/Cygwin.

> running on an off-the-shelf x86 development board (I'm flexible on
> board choice, and will get whatever board that will have me up and
> running with the least grief). 

I don't think you want to run the "Ada cross-compiler" on a target
board. You want a cross-compiler to produce executables for your target
board ;).
>  Is there such a pre-built system available?
Linux i386-rtems-gcc-gnat toolchains should be available on

>   If not, what's involved in getting GNAT/RTEMS on an x86 board? 
> Thanks.


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