AW: Booting RTEMS PC386 via dos prompt

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at
Tue Nov 26 21:06:23 UTC 2002

Bebbington, John - LT wrote:

>Thanks Angelo,
>My problem is that I need to call other DOS programs at power-on, before
>going on to boot the RTEMS software.  
>This means first booting DOS and then calling the RTEMS program from the
>hardisk. Can I do that with GRUB?
>I have been looking at eXtender by Luca Abeni from
>  but had no luck so far.
If you find one, let me know as this is something I would like to do because it would allow me to write to the hard drive for firmware updates before booting. I don't think that there is a PC386 FAT/IDE driver fro RTEMS yet.
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