as, cc, ld ... native or cross compiler? crt0.o?

Tito Costa tito at
Tue Oct 15 20:41:47 UTC 2002

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> If you built it yourself following the instructions, the precise
> prefix is not a problem. 
> Can you try running this command: sparc-rtems-gcc -o conftest conftest.c
> on this file:
> main() {return 0;}
> and let's see the output.  That is ually a dead give away.

Same error about crt0.o

ld: fatal: file crt0.o: open failed: No such file or directory

Using -v option, I can see that native cc1, as and ld are invoked.
This is the command that fails:

ld -o conftest crt0.o crti.o crtbegin.o /var/tmp/cc7cI16l.o -lgcc -lgcc 
crtend.o crtn.o

I found the directory containing crti.o, crtbegin.o, crtend.o and crtn.o 
but crt0.o is not there. there's a crt1.o instead.


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