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Tue Oct 22 04:06:57 UTC 2002

Reigu R wrote:

> Hi All,
>    I'm a computer science student and am new to RTEMS. I wish to 
> develop an application in C on RTEMS. I think the normal gcc compliler 
> provided along with Linux is enough to compile the same. But for that, 
> what options are to be used? I downloaded the RTEMS source and build 
> the same in linux.But the folder structure mentioned in the documents 
> were not created properly.Got some sample executables.But don't know 
> how to create the same from their source. Could any one provide a 
> sample program and information on the compilation and linking 
> procedure to be followed?
You have built RTEMS on your linux machine? Have a look at the examples (do a grep in the examples)

Have a look at the souce for the examples -- there is a hello world program, a ticker, etc..
Copy the makefiles from these and work with that til you get your feet.

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