RTEMS dynamic loader SUCCESS

Till Straumann strauman at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Thu Sep 12 01:57:21 UTC 2002

Today I had some good results :-)

I could successfully load a major
C++ application (EPICS example)
into a running RTEMS system!

Works like a charm.

I recently ported my C-Expression interpreter
and symbol table utility from libelf to BFD
and it now features:

- C expression interpreter with a simple type
  engine (char, char*, int, int*, int(*)(), double...)
  and access to symbols.
- user variables (also typed - can be used to
  define aliases etc.)
- runtime loader; object modules can be loaded
  to and unloaded from a running system
- disassembler (comes free with BFD)

Cexp/BFD is pretty portable, the full featured
tool works not only on RTEMS but under several
ELF platforms (linux-i386, linux-ppc, solaris-sparc).
I suppose that the runtime loader needs some
porting work when other BFD backends
are used.

C++ (exception) support is probably limited to gcc
(and could unfortunately even be gcc-version sensitive)

Nevertheless, working with RTEMS begins to rock...

-- Till

PS: Alas, I have to resolve annoying licensing issues
before I can release this...

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