message_queue_create hangs the system

Ian Caddy ianc at
Mon Sep 23 03:11:13 UTC 2002

Hi Victor,

If you are making the hello world example out of the rtems tree, you 
will need to make sure that you have the correct managers configured in 
your makefile.

In the directory that you are building the example, there should be a 

In it there will be a line like:

MANAGERS=io event semaphore

In here you need to include all the parts of the operating system that 
you require.  If you require all parts, change your line to be:


If you don't include the particular manager you are interested in, a 
stub from /rtems/c/src/exec/rtems/optman will be used.  These will 
perform an _Internal_error_Occurred function which will halt you program 

If you just want the message queue stuff, just use the line:


For other examples look in the samples included in the rtems tree under 
/rtems/c/src/tests.  Look into the for the different options.

I hope this helps.


Ian Caddy

Victor Silva wrote:

>I have the following code, in a hello world program:
>      rtems_id   queue_id;
>      rtems_name queue_name;
>      queue_name = rtems_build_name( 'Q', '0', '0',
>      printk( "build name\n");
>      rtems_message_queue_create( queue_name, 4, 10,
>  &queue_id );
>      printk( "queue create\n");
>  My system hangs with the call to
>  I'm using RTEMS 4.5.0 with the pc386 bsp.
>  I have also defined:
> 20
>  What I'm missing?
>  Sorry for this newbie question.
>  Thanks in advance !
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