Someone will have to find the bug in gcc-3.2.1->gcc-3.2.3 causing ticker to crash for pc386

Valette Eric eric.valette at
Thu Apr 3 12:30:21 UTC 2003

I extracted gcc 3.2.3 directly from cvs uing the gcc-3.2_branch today 
(or something like that). I also extracted newlib from cvs today.

I did rebuild everything including 4.6pre1 from scratch and ticker still 
fails when switching context as the result of init thread deleting 
itself. The PC of the fault is totally wrong (0x7C01) meaning that there 
is not much to debug doing any kind of backtrace.

Putting printk and using bochs, I can say the init thread is running 
doing the task create, the task start but the newly created ticker 
threads are not even started... The crash seems to occur in the middle 
of the context switch. Just to be sure that it is not due to an irq, I 
added a asm volatile ("sti") in the init thread and it continue its 
execution up to the task delete itself...

i386-rtems-gcc -v 

Reading specs from 
Configured with: ../gcc/configure 
--prefix=/usr/local/rtems-ix86-dev-tools --target=i386-rtems 
--enable-threads --with-newlib --with-gnu-ld --with-gnu-as 
Thread model: rtems
gcc version 3.2.3 20030403 (prerelease)

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