Bare configuration problem --enable-bare-cpu-cflags

Stephen Holford SHolford at
Mon Apr 7 18:35:12 UTC 2003


I've just noticed a problem with rtems-4.6.0pre that 
--enable-bare-cpu-cflags no longer seems to work. The flags get parsed 
and appear in BARE_CPU_CFLAGS, but the assignment 
CPU_CFLAGS=$(BARE_CPU_CFLAGS) in bare.cfg doesn't seem to work. I can 
hard code "CPU_CFLAGS=-O2 blah blah" in bare.cfg and that does work.

As a work around I have found that using the CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET 
environment variable before ./configure does allow me to pass the flags 
I need to build correctly. Is this now the preferred way to pass in 
CFLAGS to the build process rather than --enable-bare-cpu-cflags?

Stephen F. Holford, P.Eng.

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