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Erwin Rol erwin at muffin.org
Sun Apr 13 11:10:39 UTC 2003

Hello all,

i ported the freebsd IPX stack to RTEMS, and first tests where
successful (and selecting , 802.3, 802.2, EtherII or SNAP was a PITA
:-). I noticed a few things while doing that. In rtems_glue.c there is
the follwing code;

rtems_bsdnet_event_receive (NETISR_EVENTS,
                            RTEMS_EVENT_ANY | RTEMS_WAIT,
if (events & NETISR_IP_EVENT)
	ipintr ();
if (events & NETISR_ARP_EVENT)
	arpintr ();

When a event has happend the bit will be set in events. But when there
is a timeout next time that bit will still be set, and so after every
timeout the last *intr() will be called again. Is this wanted or should
events be cleared to 0 before waiting for events ?

Secondly wouldn't it be an idea to have configuration options to decide
what network protocols are wanted. Some ppl might just want Ethernet
frames, some just UDP, some just IPX, etc. It might be overkill to have
a full TCP stack when you only want to send some UDp frames. By having
config options the memory footprint could be made smaller.

- Erwin

              Dipl.-Ing. Erwin Rol - Software Engineering
tel: +49-(0)8024-479377  gsm: +49-(0)171-6929198 fax: +49-(0)8024-479379
                        email: erwin at muffin.org
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