rtems-ss-20030411 available

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Mon Apr 14 04:52:07 UTC 2003

I am still having trouble with this build, however, ticker runs with 
this snapshot.

I have run through some tests of my libraries and have found that if I 
include some standard c++, the program crashes bloats right out and then 
with an exception 6.

For example, I have a simple application that creates and runs some 
threads and works fine.
If, however, I do
#include <iostream>
in the module, the executable increases by 160K even though I don't 
actually call any functions from iostream -- I just include the header. 
When I try to run the program, it crashes with an exception 6 just after 
the device drivers are initialised.

Is anybody else seeing this problem or similar? What is exception 6 on 

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>Hi all,
>Since putting out a new cd-working takes so much disk space, I
>decided to cut a new snapshot.  This is very close to what is
>on the release branch except that it includes some items
>not deemed safe enough for a release such as the GoAhead
>update and it officially removes the AMD A29K support.
>The next snapshot will remove the hppa 1.1 support unless someone
>complains and really helps support it.  

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