Working with Cygwin

silverio.di at silverio.di at
Tue Apr 15 06:23:03 UTC 2003

Hi to all,
I've installed the last Cygwin tool chain and all run fine !
I've downloaded all RTEMS tool chain for cygwin from CD working directory !
I've decompressed all files in root and all files are now on
I've set the path in cygwin.bat at  :
  set PATH=%PATH%/opt/rtems/bin;
so now I can call all my target compilators (386, M68K & SH)
but when I try to compile this file:

int main(void)
  return 0;

I obtain the following error:

$ m68k-rtems-gcc.exe test.c

cannot find -lc
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I don't understand what mean and how to solve this.....
I've missing some other settings, for example some settings to insert in
bash.rc or in other
places ?

Thank you in advance
Silverio Diquigiovanni

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