ping (cont)

Till Straumann strauman at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Mon Apr 14 18:59:09 UTC 2003

Charles Steaderman wrote:
> Just a quick update and another few questions.
> 1) I was able to get ping.c from OpenBSD integrated with a wrapper 
> function (similar to the ttcp implementation). Unfortunately, ping does 
> NOT clean up after itself. It allocates a buffer for the packet data 
> which is never free'd and it never closes its socket handle. Apparently 
> it relies upon the operating system to cleanup when the program exits. 
> Aarg. If the ping_main() function were wrapped into an RTEMS task which 
> deleted itself when complete, would the allocated memory and socked 
> handle be returned?

no. Pretty much all RTEMS resources are global and their state does
not change when a thread is deleted.

> For now I hacked the ping.c source and perform the 
> cleanup.

You probably could use a 'task deletion user extension' if you don't
want to modify the source at all.

> 2) I am still trying to figure out how to handle signal notification. 
> When a signal timer expires, how do I get the current function pointer 
> associated with the particular signal?

Sorry, "help not available"

-- Till

> Any direction, especially for question 2 would be greatly appreciated.
> - Charlie

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