Someone will have to find the bug in gcc-3.2.1->gcc-3.2.3 causing ticker to crash for pc386

Valette Eric eric.valette at
Thu Apr 3 15:16:57 UTC 2003

Valette Eric wrote:

> Putting printk and using bochs, I can say the init thread is running 
> doing the task create, the task start but the newly created ticker 
> threads are not even started... The crash seems to occur in the middle 
> of the context switch. Just to be sure that it is not due to an irq, I 
> added a asm volatile ("sti") in the init thread and it continue its 
> execution up to the task delete itself...

OK. I've done my debugging part. I know what is wrong even if I still do 
not know why. When the ticker thread are created, 3 minimal context are 
created with _Thread_Handler as the entry point. When doing task delete, 
the first context is used (correct address, correct esp, ebp) when 
calling _Context_Switch but unfortunately, EIP is already corrupted. 
Note that I added a lot of printk wihtout making the problem disappear 
so it means, is surely not a wrong pointer thing...

Now, the game is to find what part of the code corrupts it...

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