Makefile question / cleanup

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Thu Apr 10 06:36:57 UTC 2003

Am Don, 2003-04-10 um 03.23 schrieb Till Straumann:
> Hi
> I realized that 'make/' and 'make/'
> contain a couple of redundant variable definitions
Quite likely.

All these files are not used inside of the source tree, and therefore
probably suffer from code-rot. 

I had wanted to get rid of these files for long, because I consider them
to be bad design and to be unmaintainable, but ... so ... maintainership
is up to those persons claiming to be using them (Joel, Eric N. and now
probably you ;) )

> e.g. for CC or RTEMS_HAS_POSIX_API etc. couldn't those be removed
> from
>  Also, I noticed that RTEMS_USE_OWN_PDIR doesn't
> seem to be used anywhere. Can we remove it?
Well, nice example for why I want to see these files removed:

No, we can not remove any var in there, because these files are used
externally from the sources, therefore we can't know what for people
might be use any variable in there and what side-effects removing vars
might have (In the past, whenever we removed a var in there/changed
something in there - somebody started to complain ;) )

Anyway, I am pretty sure that RTEMS RTEMS_USE_OWN_PDIR can be removed.


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