[Fwd: updated 3.2.3 bug fix list (for release notes)]

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Thu Apr 10 01:50:23 UTC 2003

When and where will this be available for download. I still only see 
gcc3.2.1 on the ftp.

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>Just an update on where gcc 3.2.3 stands at the moment.  April 1
>is the beginning of a two week pre-release freeze and test period.
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> Subject:
> updated 3.2.3 bug fix list (for release notes)
> From:
> Joe Buck <jbuck at synopsys.com>
> Date:
> Wed, 26 Mar 2003 15:42:11 -0800
> To:
> gcc at gcc.gnu.org
>Here's a second iteration for the bug-fix list for 3.2.3.
>New PRs added since the first version:
>6440 7248 7784 8316 8746 9414 9797 9853 9993 10073 10116 10144 10167 10171 
>New duplicate PRs closed:
>9315, 10136
>The main source of info is the PR references in ChangeLog files,
>cross-checked against GNATS to be sure that the referred-to bugs
>are really fixed.  This means that I will have missed any fixed
>PRs not mentioned in ChangeLog files, in addition to any errors I
>might have made, so please send me any corrections and additions.
>Summary: 48 bugs, plus five duplicates.
>3782 (c++) -quiet -fstats produces a segmentation fault in cc1plus
>6440 (c++) template specializations cause ICE
>7050 (c++) ICE on: (i ? get_string() : throw)
>7741 ICE on conflicting types (make_decl_rtl in varasm.c)
>7982 (c++) ICE due to infinite recursion (using stl set)
>8068 exceedingly high (infinite) memory usage
>8178 ICE with __builtin_ffs
>8396 ICE in copy_to_mode_reg, in explow.c
>8674 (c++) ICE in cp_expr_size, in cp/cp-lang.c
>9768 ICE when optimizing inline code at -O2
>9798 (c++) Infinite recursion (segfault) in cp/decl.c:push_using_directive
>     with recusive using directives
>9799 mismatching structure initializer with nested flexible array member: ICE
>9928 ICE on duplicate enum declaration
>C/optimizer bugs:
>9226 GCSE breaking argument passing
>8613 -O2 produces wrong code with builtin strlen and postincrements
>8828 gcc reports some code is unreachable when it is not
>9853 miscompilation of non-constant structure initializer
>9797 C99-style struct initializers are miscompiled
>10116 ce2: invalid merge of "join_bb" in the context of switch statements
>10171 wrong code for inlined function
>8316 Confusing diagnostic for code that misuses conversion operators (DUP:
>     9316, 10136)
>9169 filebuf output fails if codecvt<>::out returns noconv
>9420 incomplete type incorrectly reported
>9459 typeof in return type specification of template not supported
>9507 filebuf::open handles ios_base::ate incorrectly
>9538 Out-of-bounds memory access in streambuf::sputbackc
>9602 Total confusion about template/friend/virtual/abstract
>9993 destructor not called for local object created within and returned
>     from infinite loop
>10167 ieee_1003.1-2001 locale specialisations on a glibc-2.3.2 system
>9652 libgcj build fails on irix6.5.1[78]
>10144 gas on solaris complains about bad .stabs lines for java, native as 
>      unaffected 
>8746 gcc miscompiles Linux kernel ppa driver on x86
>9888 -mcpu=k6 -Os produces out of range loop instructions
>9638 Cross-build for target i386-elf and i586-pc-linux-gnu failed
>9954 Cross-build for target i586-pc-linux-gnu (--with-newlib) failed
>7784 [Sparc] ICE in extract_insn, in recog.c
>7796 sparc extra failure w/-m64 on execute/930921-1.c in unroll.c
>8366 [Sparc] C testsuite failure w/-m64 -fpic -O in execute/loop-2d.c
>8726 gcc -O2 miscompiles Samba 2.2.7 on 32-bit sparc
>9414 Scheduling bug on Ultrasparc
>7248 broken "inclusive or" code
>8343 m68k-elf/rtems ICE at instantiate_virtual_regs_1
>9732 Wrong code with -O2 -fPIC
>10073 ICE: powerpc cannot split insn
>7702 optimization problem on a DEC alpha under OSF1
>9671 gcc.3.2.2 do not build on a HP Tru64 Unix v5.1B system (DUP: 5059, 6126)
>8694 <string> breaks <ctype.h> on HP-UX 10.20 (DUP: 9275)
>MIPS specific:
>6362 mips-irix6 gcc-3.1 C testsuite failure with -mips4 in compile/920501-4.c

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