Web Server Patch

Till Straumann strauman at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Thu Apr 10 18:02:40 UTC 2003

Hi all.

I'm still very much at unease with the fact that this goes
into the RTEMS source tree.

Don't misunderstand me - I think it's great if a webserver
is ported to RTEMS. I just don't think it should be part
of RTEMS proper but unbundled.

A web server, telnetd, shell, pppd are IMHO _applications_
and I can't see a good reason why they should reside in

Please consider making each of these applications a separate
library, at least.

My suggestion would be to split librtemsbsp (c/src/) into

libbsp   (contains 'lib', 'librtems++' only)

and librtemscpu [the name is unfortunate anyhow]

librtems  (score, sapi, rtems, posix, ada, itron, libcsupport only)
libmisc    (could also be broken up)

This would be WYSIWYG.

-- Till

PS: Some stuff I created: a shell (cexp), a modified tftpd a filesystem (NFS)
     and more can _perfectly_ live outside of the RTEMS tree. Only my BSP really
     needs to go there.

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Mike Siers wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>I grabbed the latest source tar ball from GoAhead and got it
>>working under RTEMS.  I am assuming that it is version 2.1.4
>>since this was the archive name (source code still says 2.1.3).
>>The following URL is the release notes from GoAhead.
>>I have only done a minimal amount of testing (i.e. the network
>>demo program works fine).  Please try this out and let me know
>>if it works.  The patch needs to be applied on the
>>c/src/libnetworking/rtems_webserver directory.
> I have merged this to the trunk (not 4.6 branch) and will commit
> it once I have compiled it.
>>I would also propose a small API change.  I would like to
>>have the function rtems_initialize_webserver() take one
>>string pointer as a parameter.  This would be the default
>>directory for the web server files.  If the parameter is
>>NULL, then the server would use the root directory as the
>>default.  This change is not in the attached patch.
> I do not have a problem with this patch if you submit it.  Any
> documentation
> in the networking guide should be updated to reflect this.
>>Mike Siers
>>  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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>>                         Encoding: base64
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