(Fwd) Re: DOSFS bug fixes, IDE drivers and sample released

Chris Johns cjohns at cybertec.com.au
Tue Apr 15 07:47:51 UTC 2003

Thomas Doerfler wrote:
> I am glad things are working for you now. The upper case 
> matter is a bit strange. Per definition, DOS filenames are 
> case insensitive. They are stored in upercase in the dorectory 
> but I am sure I open my files with a lowercase filename given 
> and the functions definitively find the right file and open 
> and read/write it.

Are you sure ?

My reading of the FAT code in cpukit/libfs/src/dosfs/msdos_misc.c is the file name 
tests are using strncmp so are case sensitive.

It also looks like long file names are not support. Is this true ?

  Chris Johns, cjohns at cybertec.com.au

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