Ethernet support

Madhu Raju madhu1 at
Sun Aug 3 04:26:21 UTC 2003

>===== Original Message From Joel Sherrill <joel at> =====
>Madhu Raju wrote:
>>I have a DY4 SVME board.Right now I am downloading an application onto the
>>board through a serial port connection.How can I download it using ethernet?
>>So that I could download it faster..
>>Thanking in advance,
>The simplest way would be to use the ROM monitor provided with the board
>to do it.  Does it have a TFTP client or any commands to boot from the
>I know that the Motorola, Vista SCORE603e and Radstone boards could
>do this.

I dont think the powerpc monitor has any commands to do this.Any other way?

Thank you,

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