Reverse lookup of RTEMS object name

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Aug 14 21:07:27 UTC 2003

Dan Smisko wrote:

 >> Derick Hammond wrote:
 >>>> This is a very simple question:
 >>>> Is there a way to obtain rtems_name name from a rtems_id task_id?
 >>>> Thanks in advance.
 >> I tried to make a qwik-n-dirty rtems_task_tnedi.
 >> It crashed.
 >> So at least two people could use this function.

I am in the process of committing the following

rtems_status_code rtems_object_id_to_name(
    rtems_id      id,
    rtems_name   *name

It is not currently documented but appears to work based upon
limited testing.

It will be in the next snapshot or you can check things out of
CVS and give it a whirl.

 >> Dan Smisko
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