Motorola Coldfire 5282 (or 5272) BSP Available?

Steve Strobel steve at
Tue Aug 26 19:36:13 UTC 2003

I am beginning work on a new project for which we plan to use the Motorola Coldfire 5282 processor.  I have successfully downloaded the tools from, configured them for the mcf5206elite BSP (the only Coldfire BSP that seemed to be included), and built the hello_world_c example (all on Win2K under Cygwin).  I will soon have one of Avnet's 5282 evaluation kits which I plan to use for development (8MB flash, 16MB SDRAM, $250).  

Unless someone already has a BSP for that evaluation board (which would be great), I expect to have to modify an existing BSP.  Does anyone have a 5282 (or 5272) BSP that they would be willing to share that I could use as a starting point?  Thanks.

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