GNAT build integration

Dave Richards dave at
Wed Aug 27 04:59:22 UTC 2003

I have been reading code and documentation trying to understand the level to
which the documentation, C and Ada environments are congruent.  I have
compiled and linked the hello_world_ada from 4.5.0 on 4.6.0pre4.  However,
the executable was linked at address 0, not 1M as the BSP documentation and
configuration indicated.  I am wondering, therefore, if the GNAT build
environment uses the same process as documented, or as used by C/C++.
Should I just specify the link address in the Makefile.pc386, or is there a
level of indirection that is currently missing, but should be used, in GNAT

Is there a discussion anywhere as to which Ada constructs can be used safely
without the POSIX environment initialized?  I.e. is it possible to write the
BSP layer in Ada?  From what I've read, it seems as if Ada code should
really be restricted to application tasks.  Is this true?  Is this the



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