Question about _init, _fini

gregory.menke at gregory.menke at
Thu Aug 21 18:52:04 UTC 2003

mikeci at writes:
 > Hi!
 > I have a problem with _init, _fini. When using gcc 3.2.1 everything works
 > ok, but with gcc-3.2.2 linker can't find those two symbols. Do I need to
 > modify my linker script?
 > Regards
 > Ivica

Quite likely yes.  Look for the .init and .fini sections of a linker
script for another bsp using a processor similar to yours- if you're
using a MIPS, have a look at the MongooseV's link script, you'll find
it down in the bsp directory.  WHile you're at it, you might want to
check the other sections too, linker scripts evolve and sometimes
leave bsp's behind.


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