Question about _init, _fini

mikeci at mikeci at
Thu Aug 21 21:00:00 UTC 2003

> Quite likely yes.  Look for the .init and .fini sections of a linker
> script for another bsp using a processor similar to yours- if you're
> using a MIPS, have a look at the MongooseV's link script, you'll find it
> down in the bsp directory.  WHile you're at it, you might want to check
> the other sections too, linker scripts evolve and sometimes
> leave bsp's behind.
> Gregm


Here is what I tried:

1. Add a new section:

.init :
     KEEP (*(.init))

and similar for .fini

This gives me a linker error stating that _init and _fini are undefined.
If I add
.init :
     PROVIDE (_init = .);

linker doesn't complain, but program generates an exception. My question
is where are those two symbols defined, and how to link the code which
goes with it?

If I check the memory map, it seams that no code is linked neither for
_init nor for _fini.



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